Complete Landscape Maintenance

FROM ONLY $149.50+tax/mo.

This service cares for all the services listed in the weekly lawn service, but also includes maintaining your bushes and beds all performed to a planned schedule for one set monthly price. 12 month agreement required.

This service includes:

Mow/edge/trim/blow 35 total visits per year
Hedge pruning/trimming 5x per year (Jan*, April,June,August,October)
Spraying /weeding of beds with each visit
Scalp lawn and haul debris in March
Cleaning leaves from lawn in fall/winter 4x per year
Cleaning leaves from beds in fall/winter 1x per year (after all leaves down)
Spray weeds in cracks in cement as needed
Maintaining canopy height on trees 1x per year* (thinning is extra)
Pruning Crape Myrtles 1x per year*
Monthly winter service : clean leaves/ touch up

* All winter pruning, removing dead annuals, pruning back perennials etc.

Included with this package is FREE Premium hardwood mulch for your beds fron and back. $100-$300 value, FREE!!!

Lawn Service Schedule
Month Frequency Service
January 1 Winter Service
February 1 Winter Service
March 1-2 Lowering the mower, hauling off dead grass
April Weekly Lawn Service
May Weekly Lawn Service
June Weekly Lawn Service
July Weekly Lawn Service
August Weekly Lawn Service
September Weekly Lawn Service
October Weekly Lawn Service
November 2-3 Lawn Service
December 2 Winter Service

Mowing We use commercial grade 4-cycle Toro mulching lawnmowers that are unsurpassed in their quality of cut.
Edging Your lawn will be edged each trip with an 8 steel blade.
Line Trimming We line trim around your borders, fences, and obstacles in your lawn.
Blowing We blow sidewalks and other concrete areas clear of debris upon completion.
Hedging/Pruning The optimal frequency for trimming most shrubs is four times per year, done every other month during the growing season. We do one additional trimming in January for plants that need to be pruned back at this time of year. Trimming less often, results in more debris and a less manicured final appearance. Trimming more often can be detrimental to the health of the plant, increasing susceptibility to damage from insects or disease. Additional visits, if required, are available for an additional cost.
Equipment We use the best equipment that is made from companies like Toro, Honda, RedMax, and Stihl. Caring about the environment, we also purchase the models that are the cleanest burning and quietest running in their classes. In fact, 100% of our everyday use equipment meets CARB Tier II compliancy the strictest level of emission control for lawn/garden equipment.

Winter Service:
We have found that monthly winter service is the most efficient way to keep on top of your leaves and keep your property looking good throughout the winter. Leaves are mulched or bagged as necessary and removed from all lawn areas, front curb, front porch, driveway, rear patio, and the alley once per month during the winter. Leaves can be very time consuming to clean, but our program maximizes efficiency while keeping a grip on the price. For most homes, this program is well adapted. However if you have excessive leaves and/or don't wish to wait until the next monthly visit, you may request an extra visit for an additional charge. During the final Winter Service, we also clean the leaves from the beds. Cleaning leaves from gutters and downspouts is also available for an additional cost.

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