An account on file is required to activate service. One months deposit will be charged to your account to activate service. After the first month, your account will be charged at the end of each month following completion of services.

Auto Pay
This is our preferred payment form. Your account on file will be charged at the end of each month following completion of services. You will receive an email statement each month which you can save or print for your records..

Pay by Check
We send out paper invoices during the last week of each month and your payment is due by the 10th day of the following month. If payment is not received by the 10th day, then the balance will be charged to your account on file.

Cancellation of services

Just Mow It customers can cancel anytime after the 4-week commitment is fulfilled. As much notice as possible is kindly requested.

For Complete customers, after 12 months of service, your agreement will renew on a month-to-month basis. You may cancel anytime thereafter by providing 30 days written notice.

Definition of services

Lawn Service Schedule
Month Frequency Service
January 1 Winter Service
February 1 Winter Servcie
March 1-2 Lowering the mower, hauling off dead grass
April Weekly Lawn Service
May Weekly Lawn Service
June Weekly Lawn Service
July Weekly Lawn Service
August Weekly Lawn Service
September Weekly Lawn Service
October Weekly Lawn Service
November 2-3 Lawn Service
December 2 Lawn Service

Lawn Service

Mowing: We use commercial grade 4-cycle Toro mulching lawnmowers that are unsurpassed in their quality of cut.
Edging: Your lawn will be edged each trip with an 8” steel blade.
Line Trimming: We line trim around your borders, fences, and obstacles in your lawn.
Blowing: We blow sidewalks and other concrete areas clear of debris upon completion.
Equipment: We use the best equipment that is made from companies like Toro, Honda, RedMax, and Stihl. Caring about the environment, we also purchase the models that are the cleanest burning and quietest running in their classes. In fact, 100% of our everyday use equipment meets CARB Tier II compliancy – the strictest level of emission control for lawn/garden equipment.

Winter Service

We have found that monthly winter service is the most efficient way to keep on top of your leaves and keep your property looking good throughout the winter. Leaves are mulched or bagged as necessary and removed from all lawn areas, front curb, front porch, driveway, rear patio, and the alley once per month during the winter. Leaves can be very time consuming to clean, but our program maximizes efficiency while keeping a grip on the price. For most homes, this program is well adapted. However if you have excessive leaves or don’t wish to wait until the next monthly visit, you may request an extra visit for an additional charge. Cleaning leaves from the beds, gutters and downspouts is also available for an additional cost.

Breakage of Personal Property

Any property that you feel was broken by our crew must be reported immediately to our office. Jamie’s Lawn Service, Inc. will not be responsible for any repairs or replacement of property that is done without our knowledge/consent.

Personal Injury

It is imperative that all residents and guests of the property stay indoors while our workers are performing their tasks. If you, your children, or guests are using an area of your yard, you may choose to have the crew finish this area first while you go indoors or you may have them skip that area until the following week. There will be no credit for having them skip a certain area.

No Service/Poor Service

If you feel we have missed your property one week or we have done a poor job, you must notify our office within 24 hrs of your scheduled job. We will examine the lawn and recut or take the necessary steps to fix the problem. While our complaints are rare, they tend to happen during the months of May and June when the grass is growing at its fastest and cutting every 7 days can still result in taking too much grass off. Switching to a time release fertilizer and/ or monitoring irrigation after heavy rainfall can help correct this problem. Sometimes we will just have to go over these lawns twice, until the growth slows down a little. After the 24-hour period has expired, all work will be deemed to have been completed in a satisfactory manner and no credits or redo’s will be issued.

Access to Property

We recommend that the property owners furnish us with a COMBINATION lock to any gated areas. The combination cannot be lost and allows us to enter the property and complete our tasks when you are not home. We will lock the property upon completion. If you choose to unlock the gates for us each week, please be advised that there will be no credit to your account should you forget to unlock it prior to service, even if we are running one or more days behind due to rain. We will not be responsible for damage to gates that are sagging, missing bolts or hardware, or have rotted or termite damaged wood.

Sprinkler Systems

For best results, please do not water the night before or morning of the day we are scheduled to service your lawn.

Breakage to Sprinkler Heads

We will gladly repair a sprinkler head that we break with our mowers. We carry spare heads and usually replace heads when they are broken. Sometimes we will unknowingly break a head, especially when the riser sticks in the ‘up’ position and the grass is thick. Please notify us as soon as you notice a broken head, flag it, and we will send somebody out promptly to repair it. We will not be responsible for third party repairs to sprinkler systems without our consent.

Excess Weed Eating

We do not offer weed eating around individual sprinkler heads as part of our lawn program. If your heads aren’t spraying correctly because they seem too low, try replacing them with new 4” pop up heads, or inserting a riser underneath them. The crown of a correctly installed sprinkler head should barely break the surface of the ground allowing a lawnmower to pass safely overhead, even on its lowest setting. New heads can be purchased for a couple of dollars at The Home Depot or Lowes, or, if you would like us to professionally install new heads at the correct height, we charge $15 per head including the head, labor, and the riser (if nec.), $60 minimum charge.


Please ensure that any waste is picked up the evening before we are scheduled to mow. We do not pick up waste as a part of our service and having our employees have to mow through, around or step in the waste makes for an unpleasant experience and breaks their concentration from trying to do the best job possible. Please ensure that dogs are put up on the days we are scheduled to mow. If you choose to leave your pet out, every effort will be made to ensure that he does not escape (and to catch him) but we cannot be responsible if he does.

Third Party Fertilizing Companies

If you use a third party fertilizing company, we ask that you request they do not come on the day of our service and that they switch to a timed-release fertilizer if they are not already using one. Besides keeping your lawn greener in-between applications, the timed-release fertilizer does not have the ‘super surge’ in growth 7-10 days following application that the cheaper fertilizers give. This surge can be hard to manage, even on a 7-day cutting basis, resulting in a poorer cut.